Adventure Wedding & Engagement Films

I've learned that a great wedding video doesn't just distill a memory, it creates it.

Guided by intuition, I create beautiful films that are unique to you as a couple. Getting to know the relationship between you and your fiance (even if it's just the tip of the iceberg!) is interesting to me and I'm honoured to be part of that journey.

I’ve had friends tell me time and again, that their biggest regret is not having a video on their wedding day. Video can often be seen as an after thought, or a ‘nice to have’. But when you’re caught up in the fun of the moment, you’re probably not going to remember which part of your best friends speech it was that made you laugh until your ribs hurt. Or maybe you won’t notice Dad trying to keep it together during the ceremony. What about the guests down the back and their epic dancing?

These are all very real and fleeting moments that you don’t have to miss. I got you.

Get in touch for a complete info pack with pricing packages, how I work and other tid bits! Prices start from $2900.




Filming a wedding video for two filmmakers is both a challenge and a privilege.

I became friends with these two at a photography workshop one year before their wedding. Over that time, a friendship blossomed and trust was built.

The connection & chemistry that Liam and Dana share was something pretty special to witness. I love that they were so open with their playful love.

With festival like vibes, naked tipis, and red velvet sofas (Tom Ford eat ya heart out), this was one energising wedding day that no-ones forgetting any time soon!


Filmed in the motherland in gorgeous Aotearoa!

Gabes and Jarrod are really good friends of mine. They have this effortless way about them, stealing a laugh at every chance they can get.

They have these cheeky smiles, where you’re not quite sure what’s going to happen next. Between them, only they know.

Kara + Johnny

A jazz player, cool threads and pink smoke? I'm there! 

Kara and Johnny kicked off their ceremony under a beautiful floral arch followed by a photoshoot in the industrial shipping area of West Melbourne and a night of jazz entertainment. Their wedding was full of style from the neon sign that Johnny designed himself, down to the petals frozen in a tub of ice cubes. I was in awe! 

Sarah + Steve

A short engagement trailer in country Victoria.

What an ideal way to spend the last of the summers warm weather! Sarah, Steve and I went for an adventure to Lerderderg Gorge and stopped short when we saw this awesome circuit on the side of the road. 

With no one around they were free to be themselves, exploring what was around every corner and simply taking in the epic views.

Taryn + Lucas

These legends tied the knot at Greenfields in Albert Park, Melbourne. 

Taryn practically ran down the isle giving Lucas only seconds to take it all in. Luckily, Dan Brannan and I had many moments to steal them away as we stole the last of the sun for an epic photoshoot.  

Emma + Josh

Sometimes I'll take a couple I know and love, and ask them if I can test some new film techniques or colour profiles on them. This was a great day - Emma and Josh both got a lovely little engagement video taster and I got to do what I freakin' love. Win win. 

Kirsty + Iuean

These two had a lovely reveal with their families in the gardens of Fitzroy, Melbourne. 

Ieuan, waiting nervously and patiently for his bride Kirsty. She wore a beautiful purple dress that made me extra excited. They celebrated their wedding their way, making days like these extra unique and intimate.