Hey, I'm Eve. 

When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of time in the natural world with my Dad. Exploring magical gullies and farmland that stretched for acres. Traversing across rocks to catch fish at the beach and foraging for mushrooms, blackberries and pinecones in the lush New Zealand forests. Mother nature has since been the beating heart of my creations, providing an abundance of inspiration - she is my muse. 

I'm an empathetic person, which helps me to feel and see the things I need to. 

This is my super power / secret sauce. It allows me to capture the delicate and the raw, the beautiful and the messy and everrrrything in between. 

I seek real friendship and connection with the people I work with. I get vulnerable with them, capture their story in that exact time and space, while providing a welcoming environment for that to happen.  

So I continue to approach my work like I did when I was young.

With fervour, curiosity, an open heart and a gentle spirit.