All your wedding questions answered! 


How much do you charge? 

I offer three different packages with extras, prices starting from $2900. Every wedding is different and requires different amounts of editing and shooting time, so I am happy to custom create a package that will best fit your needs. I can also create tailored packages for Elopement and Engagement films. Get in touch for a complete pricing package - the more information I know the better we can create something awesome together.

How far would you travel?  

I am based in Melbourne and would go pretty much anywhere. I'm a huge fan of adventure weddings (isn't it obvious!?), so if trekking through the bush or hiking up a mountain is your jam then I'm so down.

How long will it take to receive my video or photos?

Wedding videos take around 3-5 weeks to edit and engagement photography shoots take 2-4 weeks. I will send your wedding video or engagement photos in a beautifully packaged, custom wooden box with a USB inside.  

Do I have permission to share the content online?  

Of course! You may have unlimited personal use for any images or video. But with a few rules - not to alter or remix the images or video in any way. I also request that if you post your images or video on social media, that you state clearly, “By Films by Eve” below the content with a link to my Instagram or website so that other people can find me!

Do you meet with your couples? 

This is a must for me. I love meeting with the couple before a shoot or wedding as it ensures that we are both a good fit for each other. The idea of turning up to a wedding without knowing who’s story I’ll be capturing is no good for both of us! It’s so important for me to know ya so that I can help create the most authentic and unique video for you. Even if you’re not based in Melbourne, we can schedule in as many Skype calls as you need. (Warning: There may be possible attempts to make you my friend. Not sorry). 

Can I have all the RAW footage?

Ungraded and RAW footage can be given out upon request. I charge an additional fee of $250 to sort through and upload it. This will usually amount to around 40-60GB of footage. I'll also hold onto your footage for up to 2 years - so ya know, if you change ya mind....

Do you film the wedding ceremony?

I capture parts of the ceremony and upon request I charge an extra $300 for my lovely and trusted assistant to help me capture the full ceremony as a seperate video to the highlight. 

What about music? 

I go through a stack of licensed music sources to find the most appropriate style to suit your video. I source a mix of acoustic, folk, blues, soul, ambient or indie genres - depending on your style and vibe of course.